Bethesda Softworks Can Suck It

Allow me to begin this article by telling you a little bit about myself. I’m in every sense of the word a hardcore gamer. I practically grew up on games, and my oldest memory is of me playing SMB3 on my NES. Some of my favourite game companies are Apogee, Bitmap Brothers, Blizzard, Gas Powered Games, id Software, Valve, and even Ensemble Studios.

And then there’s Bethesda Softworks.

I used to like Bethesda, it being the developer of Morrowind and all. Over the past few years however, Bethesda progress upwards as a “pretty good” game company came to a grinding halt, and its progress is now somewhere between stagnant and half past dead. Still, there’s a growing sense that someone at that company forgot to take Ritalin the morning they announced that isometric games are dead and that PC gaming is dying.

To confirm their position on the manner, Bethesda has:

  • Completely reimagined Fallout to look like a Post-Nuclear version of Oblivion, much to every gamer’s chagrin
  • Pissed off the majority of their fan base with ignorance, arrogance and misunderstanding of the Fallout franchise
  • Signed shoddy deals with game journalists (what journalists?) to limit the flow of information with regards to Fallout 3
  • Compounded their mistakes with lies towards the fan base about how the game isn’t anything close to being “Oblivion with guns”, despite the fact that several of those “journalists” confirmed that the game does indeed feel that way.
  • Had a guy who has no idea what he’s talking about represent the company

Having said that, since Blizzard has absolutely no idea what they are doing releasing a 3D Isometric PC game, let’s see how they dug themselves into a hole:

  • For the past few weeks Blizzard has had a front page splash of mysterious clues hinting towards their next game
  • Each consecutive clue came closer to revealing the mystery, building an exponential amount of hype
  • On June 28th in Paris, France at the WWI, Blizzard announced the development of Diablo III and revealed their new website, complete with two trailers, screenshots, and game lore, and have since been updating the website with more information
  • Fans around the world got hyped about up the upcoming game, and communities were formed. The number of Diablo 2 players on substantially increased

At the moment, Blizzard is in a PR hellhole. Vivendi stocks are plummeting because of the recent announcement of Diablo III, and several of its key designers were leaving in droves.

Or so Bethesda probably wishes.

Now excuse me while I go spend more money on horse armour and 15 minute quests. Also, there will be cake.